Market Research

These services give you insights into your customers' and prospects' attitudes, awareness, and preferences, paint an accurate picture of the competitive landscape, deliver insights into purchase drivers, and explain why customers buy - or don't buy.

Factual, measurable data lead to successful communications messages, and set a baseline so you can measure communications effectiveness.

Concept testing can determine the acceptability - or non-acceptability - of a product or service before you make costly investments in time and money on marketing or sales.

For an unbiased case for doing market research, check out this excellent article from the Houston Business Journal:

Services include:

  • Secondary (syndicated) research study identification and interpretation.
  • Primary research
    • Qualitative
      • Focus groups
      • In-depth personal interviews
    • Quantitative
      • Telephone
      • Mailed
      • Web-based
  • Customer satisfaction surveys - with an emphasis on operational insights.
  • Complete design, execution, and analysis of research studies.
  • Reviews of prior research with recommendations for further work.
  • Research consulting.